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While iDistribute is built with the “high achieving” content creation in mind, it’s also ready to go out of the box for newer creators who want a jumpstart on their online marketing efforts.

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IDistribute is a platform where you can easily sell your digital products, Services as well as your event tickets.

It's the single platform you will ever need in order to get all of your online starving satisfied. 

Why we build iDistribute?

Just over few years ago we started an online store to sell some digital products directly to those who loved our products.

We could have listed our products on a number of marketplaces like eBay, Amazone or event Etsy, but we wanted to own our brand and build relationships with our customers. And our primary goal was to provide a simple and straightforward e-commerce checkout experience to our customers along with selling our goods. Such platforms didn't exist and hence we build our own platform called iDistribute. We soon realised that there is a number of other freelancers, creators and artists who would like to sell there digital products hassle-free. And that's how iDistribute was born. 

E-commerce has two different spectrums. First one is where people list their products on different platforms and sell them. But that also includes inventory and shipping. But in another part of this spectrum, we have digital products, has nothing to do with any inventory management and shipping. And hence we thought that why not build a new economy around it. Isn't that's how Uber was born?

Then when we were working on digital products. A mentor suggested us to also get a separate section where people could sell their services too. So we added that too. 

Since then people keep suggesting us features and we keep it adding into our platform.

Now iDistribute become a global platform for Digital Products, Freelance Services and event Management.  


What is content distribution?

Content distribution is an exercise to promote content online. This could be done via a single media format or multiple media formats. But the most important thing to consider here is it has to be done via different channels. That's how you achieve better mileage on your content.

Since 2014 content distribution has become increasingly more imperative. Top marketers consider it one of the most successful way to promote content.

How to distribute content

How to add an Opportunity?

There are many online marketing agencies looking to distribute content. And obviously, you also get those email on a daily basis which asks for a guest post opportunity. But how you could monetize it. Afterall it takes lots of time to create a high authority blog. And when you invest your time an energy to write a blog post you should be rewarded in fairness.

Just put details of your blog and click on save. You will be redirected to the second page where you can upload your opportunity image. We suggest creating an image (1280x720) with canva (an online tool to create graphics). Once uploaded your opportunity is live. You could share it online on your social media and start selling instantly.