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6 Effective Guest Post Email Template to Distribute your Content

6 Effective Guest Post Email Template to Distribute your Content

Once you are done with your content creation exercise. The next and most important task is to reach out to industry specialist in your niche. This will allow you to distribute your content and get more exposure. 

But the questions is what is the right way to approach influential bloggers?

The answer is; There is no definite way. Everyone has a different personality. And hence they react differently in different situations.

So that means there is no specific formula. Then you might ask what is the best possible way to get a positive response back. 


No matter how hard you try. If your content is not good enough then forget about any affiliation with other bloggers and publishers. 

So the primary objective of your content strategy should be to create amazing unique engaging content. Once you have that in place. Try approaching opportunities for distribution of your content.

Below I have listed the top working email templates you could use to get your content published or included on other blogs:

Ok, so the first one is when you share your blog post with another logger and ask for a feedback. This way you are building a relationship with the blogger and there is a high chance that this blogger will share your content once he is familiar and convinced with your work. 

The second one is when you reach out to a publisher who is interested in your niche. Remember you don't want to bombard the receiver with lots of information. Instead, if you just keep your email small and readable in 30 seconds at most. You have 9 out of 10 chances to receive a response back. 

Below is an example of how you can reach out to an influencer and ask him for a feedback. Remember nothing is more annoying than asking for a straight share. 

If you really want to get into a close circle of an influencer then make sure you build the relationship with slow and consistent engagement. 

Below is an example of email template you could use to ask for inclusion of your article into an already optimised article. Here you see the writer has confirmed that even though this publisher chooses not to include presented blog link into his article. The sender will still be the loyal reader. This way it automatically gets into publishers brain and at some point in the future. The publisher will definitely include his blog post in of his articles.