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How to Distribute Content

How to Distribute Content

Distribution of content is one of the most important parts of your content marketing. I can even say that without a strong content distribution strategy. Your marketing efforts will just become a Doomsday Book. Being a business owner you might be investing a good amount of capital in your content creation exercise. But if you miss out on your content distribution, then you will be loosing out on heavy web traffic. 

But if you do take your content distribution seriously then the good part is you have lots of opportunities available online to help you out. 

However many businesses on the ground are facing issues with there online content marketing.  Even though they invest lots of money to research and create good quality engaging content. They are not receiving the expected mileage from the content they should do. This is where business hires marketing firms to boost their content distribution. But its getting expensive day by day. 

Hence I have listed some good techniques which you can use to distribute your content online and improve your content mileage.  

How to Distribute Content

You have invested a good amount of time and efforts in order to recognise your targetted audience and writing your content. You are ready to roll the ball and start distributing your content. 

Goal: the primary goal of your content distribution is to get maximum mileage and reach out to the major part of your targetted audience. 

To achieve this goal I have listed the top 6 tactics below: 

1. Reach out to Influencers

Do you remember the last event you have attended where you have seen one of the most influential speakers? People were admiring him and you were thinking in your mind that how awesome it could be if this influencer takes me to the stage with him and introduce me to the audience. I can easily generate at least 10 to 15 leads on the spot. 


Influencer marketing works on this principle. You have to get in touch with major influencers or subject matter experts in your industry. Politely ask their permission if they could share your content on their social media platforms. And if not if they could give you some feedback to improvise on it.

one of the best example I could share with you to reach out to influencers is:

This is very effective and informal way to get some attention from busy influencers in your niche. 

If you have to build a list of influencers in your niche with a minimum 2 to 4K followers. Imagine if out of 10 emails you sent. 2 people agreed to share your content. That means you instantly will receive 8K views on your content. 

Isn't it's fantastic?

One of the most important factor because of which these tactic works is because we are approaching and asking for influencers authority. considering the scenario which we discussed above. If your content got shared on influencers twitter page. Then followers will read through it and eventually jump to your content. 

This principle of authority is a way to tell people that this piece of content deserves to be shared and looked into. 

Obviously, you can't expect to receive 100% response. But if you play your cards right. Sometimes you receive around 40% response with 10 to 20% success rate of getting your content shared.


2. Paid Social Ads

Let me ask you a question. What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

An online survey company did a survey in 2018 and the results were shocking. About 89% people responded that they check there phones first thing in the morning.

Looking at the above report it reflects that people are spending hell lot of time on mobile phones. So what exactly they are doing? Well according to industry experts. The top downloaded apps on App Store and Google Play store is mostly social media apps like; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. This implies that you can grab attention from your potential customers on these social media portal in order to distribute your content. 

Hence if you choose to do some clever paid social advertising to distribute your content. It is meant to deliver results. Below chat showcase how much mobile share advertising could benefit you within few  years from now.

3. Viral Organic Promotions

Have you every scrolling through your Facebook profile and found a funny image or video which you clicked and shared on your wall?

Or maybe you are more into LinkedIn and you saw a job posting which is perfect for one of your friends. So you tagged him into that listing.

This means that its so easy nowadays to share things which comes to you as value addition to you or your circle.

And that's why it's important to consider viral organic promotions. I am pretty sure that if you look at the image below. You will recognise at least 3 out of 9 faces. And that's because it got into your phone via some group chats, social shares or tags. 

So if that's how much a social share is possible how can you increase the mileage of your content.

You might be thinking; you have to hire viral video creators or a marketing agency to do it for you.

Actually, it is not that difficult as it seems. You don't have to be as popular as above faces. You need to just find some groups on social platforms which are interested in your niche.

And boom...

You start sharing your content on them. This way people will recognise that you are someone who consistently product content in the niche of their interest. And improvise your credibility among those groups. 

Tip: Ask niche experts to provide their comments on your content. Because when an authority quote is included in your content. It gives more credit scores to you.

Also when you share your content on social media. Mention their names this will bring you more attention.

4. Convert Content to Another Media type

Quote "A picture is worth a thousand words"

I am sure you have heard this sentence before. And it absolutely vital to understand that this is 100% correct. Have you been in a public transport with ads on the wall? Or a mall where all the ladies garments are on sale. 

These big brands don't use any articles to advertise the products. They use only attractive images to convey the message. Because the ultimate goal is to make a sale. 

The same rule is applicable to content marketing too. If you are writing a piece of content. Then make sure you convet your content into multiple media types. 

Because people are consuming information in different formats. No matter where you are:

  1. In a bus, train or tram.
  2. Walking to work
  3. Going for a jog
  4. Or working in your kitchen

There is always a something playing in your ears or displayed in front of your eyes.

Tip: Convert your content to a PPT, PDF and share it on Slideshare, Scribd etc. If you could convert it as a video then share it on YouTube and Vimeo too. 

5. Spread your Content to Content Communities

You must be thinking if you write a piece of content and share it on 4 blogs. 3 blogs will be penalised by google for duplicate content. But actually, that's now how it works. Google has its own weird way of analysing contents. 

There are many online content curation and display board where you can actually display your content which you have already published. And no-one will be penalised for it.

This will bring you lots of traffic and increase your airtime in front of your potential customers. 

There are many places which you could utilise for the same:

  • Medium
  • WordPress
  • Squarespace
  • Posthaven
  • Ghost
  • Kirby
  • Svbtle
  • Postagon
  • Jekyll
  • Contentful
  • Anchor
  • Silvrback
  • Tumblr
  • LinkedIn
  • Triberr 
  • Tinypress
  • Inbound

Usually its super easy to share your content. I mean take the example of the medium. You can literally share your blog URL and its own crawler will import your content in a few seconds. Here is a look of import screen:  

With the help of all the tips above, I am sure you will be easily able to achieve your content marketing goals. But if you have been using any other tactics please feel free to share it below in comments section. 

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