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Submit a Guest Post

Submit a Guest Post

Guest Post and Guest blogging are one of the best content distribution techniques used by online marketers nowadays. Many top marketers are focusing on guest blogging because it simply generates results. But in this article I would like to showcase the following:

  1. What to consider before approaching for Guest Post opportunity on any blog.
  2. What benefits you could receive from Guest Blogging.
  3. The Perfect Blog Post Length and Publishing Frequency.

Let's get started with the first part of this article. 

What to consider before approaching for Guest Post opportunity.

Well, first of all, you need to understand that not all blogs available online are genuine sources of information. There are many blogs with a sole purpose of advertising. 

Which you may want to leave out of your targetted list. Because blogs which only focus on making money out of advertising often sacrifice with the quality of content posted on them. 

You don't want to list your thoroughly researched article next to something which is not even relevant. 

A quick way to understand if the blog is worth for your time is to do a quick search on Moz.

Go to moz tool online: Moz DA/PA tool

Type desired URL and see the results.

A good example of blogs which you should approach for guest posting is shown below: Here you can see clearly that the domain authority of this blog is 25 and the page authority is 32.

Also, there are many people linking back to this blog. Including lots of social shares.

On the other hand, its spam score is quite low too.

Let us have a look into a bad blog statistics on Moz. Here you can see clearly that any given blog with less than a spam score of 6 could be a good opportunity for you to approach for a guest post.

But anything above that should be considered as a hazard for your website. Because if you get a backlink from one of the high spam score sites. Then it becomes super complicated to remove those links and update google about it.

But it doesn't end here.

There are other factors which you should consider before approaching the blog owner. Remember design is something which is very crucial for Google. Most blogs with user-focused designs are getting higher ranks on google comparatively other blogs with bad design standards.

And for you; who is looking to increase the mileage of your content to the next horizon; it is very important that your well-researched content look good in Google's eye.

Hence you should always look into the structure of a website where your content is going to be published. 

There are three categories of web page structures commonly used.

  1. Site layouts that highlight the content first.
  2. Site layouts that highlight content and advertisement both.
  3. Ste layout that highlights advertisement first.

You should always keep yourself away from the last category. Because if the blogger only focusses on the advertisement. Then its only providing value for the blog owner. You will not get any juice from backlinks, neither you will be getting any audience attention.

And according to Google's new rank brain, machine learning algorithm. If user lefts your website and bounce out quite quickly. Then your rank automatically goes down. 

That proves how important it is to make sure how your website or the blog where you are going to publish your content has a good user-focused structure. 

What benefits you could receive from Guest Blogging.

You can build strong and high-quality relationships with bloggers around the world by using guest blogging. This may help you in multiple ways. Some of them are:

  • Developing business opportunities
  • Setting brand value
  • Professional connections
  • Of course, acquisition of link juice.

But,  many people in the industry don't understand what is the real value in guest blogging. Many see guest blogging as just another link building technique.

This mindset enables them to create low-quality content which leads to submission to low-quality blogs that accept guest posting.  

I have been guest blogging for more than 6 months now. Before that, I myself was doing link building. But when I realise that guest blogging is not about link building at all. It is about creating a strong relationship with the blog owner and the audience. 

Within the first 3 months, I had no authority on my portal. But now after 6 months, I achieved a reasonably good DA and PA score. And the reason behind that is, I am getting links back from high authority valuable sites. Check out this screenshot of my link profile in OSE to see what I mean:

But this is not where it ends. I receive emails on daily basis from different brands and service startups. They ask me to publish guest posts on different portals on their behalf. Which obviously brings me some perks but also helps me grow my network.

Hence I have listed some benefits below without any jargon attached:

  1. Instant Exposure to Organic Traffic
  2. Expand Your Personal Network
  3. Build Your Online Influence
  4. Stimulate Social Media Shares
  5. Improve Your Online Authority
  6. Fortify Your Backlink Profile
  7. Grow Brand Awareness
  8. Generate Qualified Leads
  9. Improve Your Writing
  10. Build Your Subscriber Base

If you find any other benefit which I have not listed above please feel free to get in touch and I will update my list.

The Perfect Blog Post Length and Publishing Frequency.

When you decided that you are going to start approaching for guest posting. Have you come up with a question in mind that many bloggers are now accepting only long articles? (1200 words long)

Well, that's because nowadays web users are becoming more and more smarter. They want specific answers to specific questions. Google confirmed in one of their reports that the number of long-tail searches performed is increasing every day. Hence your content distribution strategy needs to match with demand.

Here is a video explained by Neil Patel on how you can write amazing content to drive more traffic:

One of the surveys done by Orbit found that people take about 3 hours 15 minutes to write an article. That's around 35% increase over the same survey last year.

However, the study also found that "twice as many bloggers are now spending 6+ hours on their average post."


It appears to be a correlation between the time you invest to write a blog post and the results you generate. About 33% of bloggers who spent 6 hours on average on a post reported

Strong Engagement and Results

On the other hand, only 25% of bloggers who spent less than 6 hours reported strong results. That means it will increase your chances to get more mileage on your piece of content if you make it bigger than 1000 words long. 

For those who don't want to write guest posts but have enough money to get someone else to do this job, here are some important points you should consider before giving this job to a freelance writer:

  1. Article title
  2. Description of topic - Use this to give the writer an idea of the piece as you see it in your head.
  3. Where (what real estate) the article is to be published on?
  4. Author details
  5. Purpose of the article - Describe the goal of the article for the users. 
  6. Research advice - Provide URLs of other resources which you want your article writer should reference or consider before writing. 
  7. Audience - Demographics and other information on the audience of the site like location, age, sex, social group, level of knowledge of subject matter, actively seeking content or reading in passing, etc.

(Tip!)  Follow below steps in order to achieve better results with your social media campaigns


Approaching other bloggers for guest posts and writing a guest post is two different set of work. I would suggest you do them both separately so that you don't waste time while doing one and thinking of the second. Obviously, if you follow the steps I mentioned above then you could get:

  • A few extra customers 
  • 100 to 200 extra website visitors   
  • 10 to 15 links from relatively good Tumblr pages.
  • A dozen links from Pinterest
  • A little bit of Facebook/Twitter love and 10 links