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5 Free Online Ticketing System

5 Free Online Ticketing System

If you are an event manager or just hosting events for your hobby of meetup groups. Then you know that hosting events is challenging and time-consuming. It gets more exhausting when you don't have a medium to manage your event especially when you are dealing with ticketing. 

Remember we use to say this phrase in school day's "Time is Money"

But now as the time passes on In the 21st century, we all know that "Data is money"

And nobody will deny this fact. 

And hence each time when we host our events. We want a platform which leverages our past efforts and transforms our data into new opportunities.

Considering that our first factor of evaluation different platforms below. One of our main concern is the percentage fee these platforms snatch from our tickets.

I have been hosting events from last 3 years now and found that the bigger my ticket price is; the bigger share I have to cut out of my revenue for this ticketing platforms.

Hence I made it sure that my analysis is based on these 2 factors.

  1. Ticketing Fee or Commision or Platform fee whatever they call it.
  2. How platforms help us to leverage on our previous efforts.

#1 Eventbrite - £0.49 + 4% / per paid ticket (+20% UK VAT) Free for free tickets

Eventbrite is one of the well-known brands in the online event management marketplace. Hence a lot of people are habitual of its user interface and support system. But considering our factors of evaluation. Eventbrite comes at first place with respect to other solutions available.

Their fee structure is quite clear and simple. Although it might seem quite heavy if you are hosting something big. And by that, I mean you want to sell tickets for the event having ticket prices more than £10 each unit.

#2 TicketTailor $25.00 Per month, cancel any time Up to 5 active events

Ticket Tailor is another solution which might be handy if you want to limit your expenses per event. Because if you sell more than 100 tickets per event you might be spending more than $100 on Eventbrite hence tickettailor comes in the picture. Where you can host an event and sell as many tickets as you want and they will charge you only $25. Isn't it's awesome? 

You save all that commission money. Plus you have peace of mind that you will not see unexpected invoices coming into your inbox afterwards.

#3 iDistribute - Completely Free for the first 5 events

In our list iDistribute lands in third place. And that's because they offer free unlimited ticket selling for the first 5 events. So basically you just register yourself with your email id and then start selling your event tickets online. 

Another good feature on iDistribute is they don't even touch your money. You receive your money directly into your PayPal account straight away. 

Basically, you have to connect your PayPal account with iDistribute and Voila... you are ready to receive money by selling tickets. No commission, No Platform Fee.

#4 TicketSource 7% booking fee* with TicketSource payment processing

TicketSource comes on the 4th place because its booking fee is around 7%. But don't get confused by its fee. You can get a lot of eye space in front of thousands of ticketsource regular customers. And sometimes if you are a new player in the event industry then a little extra help to get noticed is very crucial.

#5 Self-hosted ticketing solution - Wordpress ($89 - one time fee)

The last but not undeniable option is to host your own solution on your website and sell tickets. There are many challenges in this option. You have to get a hosting, then you need to register a domain. Once done you need to get a website done. You could choose WordPress in order to stand your website up quickly. And on top of WordPress you can choose this event calendar plugin to sell tickets.

This way you are not paying anyone any fee except your payment gateway. But obviously, you will be paying all those infrastructure fees.